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Not sure which product or service suits your needs? Explore our range of windows, glass, and stained/leaded glass options. Discover the benefits and histories of each. Additionally, we specialize in manufacturing various types of doors, gates, and other wooden projects.

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Here are just a few of the topics we cover. If you need more information about a product or service, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

A zoomed in photo of a set of three white sash windows installed into a brick built house.
Box Shash Windows

A box sash window is a classic design featuring vertically sliding panels within a frame, often with divided panes, offering timeless elegance and ventilation.

White casement windows photos from in inside of the house looking out.
Casement Windows

A casement window is hinged at the side and swings outward, offering simplicity and versatility in design with unobstructed views and airflow.

Black Door with stained leaded glass inserts.
Stained Leaded Glass

Stained leaded glass features colored glass pieces held together by lead came, creating intricate designs with vibrant colors and patterns.

Zoomed in photo of a glass pain in a wooden window.

Glazing options: Single, double, or triple-pane for insulation. Toughened glass undergoes strengthening, enhancing durability and break resistance.

Critall Windows with a wooden frame over looking a back garden.

Crittall windows feature slim steel frames, offering a sleek and minimalist aesthetic with a modern industrial vibe.

Glass and Glazing Federation

B Murphy & G.G Federation

High standards of product and service are paramount for Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) Members. They uphold a reputation for quality and reliability. Look for the GGF logo on premises or ads and ask to see a Membership card. GGF Members adhere to the GGF Code of Good Practice, ensuring standards from advertising to workmanship. Customers dealing with GGF Members enjoy peace of mind, backed by a conciliation service for any disputes and insurance protection for deposits.

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Tradition Meets Innovation​

 At our firm, we unite tradition with innovation. Recognizing the rich heritage of architectural craftsmanship, we blend time-honored techniques with modern advancements to create solutions that honor the past while meeting the demands of the present and future.

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